Parent Information and Updates

September is here!  

We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back to school this September. We know that you will be feeling anxious as well as excited that your children are back in school and learning with their teachers and friends. 

This page is our dedicated page to support you with key information about how we are making school as safe as possible and we continue to add to this page when we receive new information. Down the left hand side of this page are links to documents with lots of information, including useful websites and phone numbers if you need any support. Please take the time to read the latest information and contact school if you have any questions. 

School staff are on-hand to provide support as well as national and professional organisations that can provide you with specific guidance and support. Whilst is will be difficult for staff to have face-to-face meetings at this time, we are happy to arrange phonecall appointments with you to answer questions. Please contact the school office with questions and staff will return your call. 

Organisation of the school day: 

  • Parents and carers will need to drop off and collect their child using specific gates - you can find details of this on the September newsletter on the left or by downloading the maps on the left hand side. 
  • Only one parent/carer allowed on site if needed (Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2 pupils) 
  • Miss Kinch, Ms Jackson, Mr Steadman and Ms Smedley will be available to meet children and parents at the gates and answer any questions you may have at the start and end of the school day. 
  • Please be aware that school gates will not be opened until the times stated.
  • On leaving school, children will be sent out to you. Please be patient with staff at this time as they will be directing children to you in a safe way to ensure that adults and children are socially distanced when entering and leaving the school site. 
  • Children will be in class bubbles and will not mix with other bubbles during the school day. Playtimes and lunchtimes will be in separate "zones" and at different times. 
  • Lunchtimes will be in sittings and will be a combination of hot and cold dinners for children in Key Stages 1 and 2.

Covid-19 Prevention:

Please adhere to the following information (more detailed information can be found on the left hand side of this page): 

  • If you or your child is displaying symptoms - persistent cough, high temperature, loss of taste or smell - you must not come to school. Please contact the school office and a test will be arranged for you and your household.
  • Other symptoms may also indicate Covid-19 and we would encourage you to contact school to speak to a member of staff. (Further information can be found in the letter on the left hand side of this page. 
  • The government is not recommending face coverings are necessary in primary schools as pupils and staff are mixing in consistent groups, and because misuse may inadvertently increase the risk of transmission. Please speak to a member of staff if you have any questions and please see the policy on the wearing of face masks on the left hand side of this page. 


To reduce transmission - you MUST follow social distancing guidelines at all times. 

Please maintain your own social bubbles and avoid meeting in other households whilst the Manchester restrictions are in place. 


The NHS  COVID-19 APP   Is available to download for anyone aged 16 or over if they choose.

App features:

  • Trace – alerts the individual if they were in close contact with a confirmed case
  • Alert – provides the individual with the risk level associated with coronavirus (COVID-19) in their local area, based on the postcode district they enter
  • Check in – allows the individual to check in to locations via the app and official NHS QR codes
  • Symptoms – allows the individual to check symptoms against government guidance and to get advice
  • Test – allows the individual to order a free test and to receive results and advice via the app
  • Isolate – provides an isolation ‘companion’, which counts down how many days they have left to isolate and provides links to useful advice
  • Bluetooth must be enabled for the app to work
  • If an individual tests positive for COVID-19, the app will ask them to allow others they have been in contact with to be alerted.
  • The tracing function can be paused
  • A reminder can be set to switch the app back on
  • The app does not work if the phone is switched off

Government funding available if you are asked to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace

There’s a new government scheme to help residents on low incomes be able to afford to self-isolate. If residents have been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace and meet various criteria, they will receive a support payment of £500.  This helps residents who are worried about losing income if they cannot work during their self-isolation period.

The aim is to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19, reduce hardship and avoid further restrictions, including local lockdowns.

Visit   for full details including eligibility criteria and an application form.

Unfortunately, this payment is not available for parents who are having to provide childcare for pupils who have been asked to isolate due to being a contact with a positive case.

We have Salford Assist for emergency food and energy provision.  provides further detail.